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The Pipeline

The pipeline has been on my mind a lot. It runs from the old dam out in the nature preserve, which was featured in the previous entry, down along the rim of the canyon to the former textile mill on the edge of the city. Fábrica la aurora, which was formerly one of the major employers in town, has now been converted into a complex of art galleries. Water from the pipeline powered a turbine in the textile mill that provided it with power.

The reason that the pipeline has come to occupy my thoughts is that I have seen Mexican boys walking along on top of the pipe from the nature preserve to the city. Mexican boys are connoisseurs of inexpensive thrills . . . otherwise known as cheap thrills. I am considering trying it myself.

Fred, who works as a volunteer guide for tours of the nature preserve, can tell me where best to get on the pipe to begin. The size of the pipe bothers me. It is not as large as I would like it to be. As a result there are some stretches that appear terrifying. If I get to one of those stretches and cannot bring myself to walk it, I will go back, take three days off, and think about it. Then try it again. That has worked for me before in other endeavors.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is a slide show consisting of snapshots that I have taken of the pipeline through the years. It is only a small selection of many. The sheer number of photos that I have taken of it is some indication of my implacably growing fascination with the idea of walking that pipeline. Or at least the part of it that I can.

If I cannot do it, then at least I will know that I cannot and will be able to put it out of my mind.

The city as seen from the foot of the canyon.

7 Responses to “The Pipeline”

  1. michel pellerin

    Don’t ask me to walk on the pipeline… Just thinking of it…
    I thought I was crazy and people tell me I am… but I am not alone anymore

    • StephenBrassawe

      One can get out of practice with heights, Michel. In that case one needs to get back in practice. I think that I can do a respectable stretch of the pipeline if I take my time. And you know me. I always take my time. The big question now has to do with foot gear. Or bare feet on a cloudy day.

  2. sonnyboy3

    Hola Steve. If the pipeline has become your white whale then you either need to go for it or leave it alone. (Very profound huh?)
    The photos are great.

    • StephenBrassawe

      Sage advice, sonnyboy. I am pretty much resolved to go for it but gradually, as befits a mature idiot. I intend to reconnoiter more closely next Tuesday.

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