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Sunrise at Troncones

Not Troncones

There are many skilled photographers around working in the subject areas of flowers and sunsets. I see no reason to try to contribute something photographically original in those areas. Rather, I am trying to carve out a little specialty for myself in sunrises. Not that there are no competent people working sunrises. There are. But there are fewer of them. It is lonely work out there, but somebody has to do it.

I live about equidistant from the Gulf and the Pacific. Here is a sunrise shot on the Pacific side at Troncones near Zihuatanejo that I am particularly fond of.

On only a tangentially related note, I like to keep all my necessaries close by at all times. The little blue tent in the background is mine. I hate having to go on a long trudge merely to locate necessaries. Don’t you?

10 Responses to “Sunrise at Troncones”

  1. marissafh

    That second photo is beautiful. I like sunrises and sunsets too, but we don’t get too many nice ones over this side. I get a couple of good ones from the Caribbean every now and then.

    • StephenBrassawe

      You would be an excellent one to nail that next beautiful sunrise or sunset over there with your camera the next time it comes around, marissa. Be alert.

    • StephenBrassawe

      That is a great place to see it, too, April. Off the beaten track; free camping on the beach as long as you eat breakfast at the restaurant. But the truth is that a little beach goes a long way for me. I like the mountains.

  2. The Other Side « The Solipsist

    […] what. As a reward for looking at my dreary black and white photos of walls, here is another in the sunrise series, the other installment of which is here . . . at least I think this is a sunrise. Could be a […]


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