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Too Much Is Always Better

Iglesia de San Francisco

There are some talented photographers here and there working in black and white and putting up their work on their blogs for me to enjoy gratis. In this case “work” is not a euphemism for something else. Black and white is a lot of work. I became ashamed of my own offerings in black and white and have been taking some time to get my black and white chops together. The one above is a kind of drill. Been working on those previously posted, too, one by one. Not done yet there.

Once again I must fight one of my demons, that little voice inside me that says if a little bit is good, then too much has to be a whole lot better. The subject at hand might be contrast in a photo; the subject at hand might be Beefeater’s gin; the subject at hand might be any of a number of other things. That implacable little demon’s message is always the same. He is a one-trick pony.

8 Responses to “Too Much Is Always Better”

  1. Stephen G. Hipperson

    The thing with photoshop is that when you can see you’ve done to much you can back it off a bit. When you know you’ve drunk too much Gin it’s too late and the best thing to do is pick things up in the next day. 😉

    • StephenBrassawe

      I had to tell you what a big grin your comment brought on here, Stephen. So true. So true.

  2. iowadaughter

    I started to say a whole lot on this and decided less was better. Sometimes my filter does work, sometimes it doesn’t.

  3. michelpellerin

    When I studied photo in Fine Arts, at first I did not understand why we needed 3 years to get our diploma. Later, I realized that it took 3 years to become humble.

    • StephenBrassawe

      Another comment setting forth the unvarnished truth.

      • mister anchovy

        I like photography because I know hardly anything about it and so I’m not weighed down getting it right. Instead I just snap away and pick the ones I like the best. Unlike painting, where I’m haunted by so many things. I don’t know anything about gin either, but I don’t just drink away. Instead after drink number two, I need a little nap.

  4. StephenBrassawe

    I know hardly anything about photography either, Mr. Anchovy. Mostly, I do snapshots. As for strong drink, as of this July 29 none will have passed my lips for five years to the day, but frustrated with that the little demon finds other ways to plague me.


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