Early morning walk . . .


. . . on a Monday.

I was thinking, which is always dangerous. If I had only one peso for every snapshot that anyone has ever taken of the Parroquia, good, bad, or indifferent, I could pay off Greece’s national debt. Then with the interest on what remains, I could balance the annual Greek budget every year thus allowing the Greeks to continue to evade taxes. I would still have enough remaining to live like Creosus. I would do that gleefully. I have not a drop of German blood in me. I do not even know the word for “austerity” in Spanish for sure. Infierno, I think it is.

Where do the Germans intend to spend their vacation time without a warm welcome in Greece, Italy, and Spain? In Bavaria for chrissakes?

Anyway, in this Mexican city we need to get the place cleaned up after the weekend. Then we all need to get back to work. I presume that everyone understands that I use the pronoun “we” rhetorically.

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