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I did not get one single decent picture of the parade yesterday, which passes by the corner just a half block to the right of where I live. Día de los locos is the last day of a week-long neighborhood fiesta celebrating the Feast Day for Saint Anthony. My neighborhood is colonia san antonio. As a consequence Saint Anthony is bigger than Elvis around here.

I went to photograph the parade without checking the settings on my camera. Just assumed that it was on F8 at ISO 200, which is what I use for street photographs. The photos were over-exposed to the extent that I could not correct them, as you can probably tell here. Have you ever done that? Anyway, once you have seen one parade, you have seen them all, I say.

After the parade I went over to San Antonio Plaza, which is a half block to the left of where I live, and took some random street portraits of folks waiting for the evening festivities. The way that I did many of those was to let the camera hang at my waist and shoot big resolution photographs blind so that people do not know I was photographing them. On the one hand nobody likes a camera stuck in their face, particularly by a gringo. On the other hand it does not do anyone any harm to have their picture taken.

Later, I must severely crop the photos and fix them. One must try to keep the camera level is all. There is a limit to how much you can straighten them. Think “level” all the time, let the automatic focus do its thing, and forget about everything else. I am often looking in an entirely different direction when I pull the trigger to further deceive the subjects.

Now, is there a voyeuristic aspect to this? You betcha! What else is street photography other than voyeurism?

A gallery of street portraits if you are interested:

In order to make it up to you for blowing the photos of the parade, I have added a special bonus attraction for those who actually loaded this post completely rather than simply browsed it, a spectacular video of the fireworks on the plaza last evening:

The Solipsist likes his homemade entertainments.

3 Responses to “Fiesta”

  1. marissafh

    LOL! yes, I’ve forgotten to double-check my settings at times. And I also take stolen shots when the camera is just hanging at my waist … but since I’m short, the pictures don’t always work out. I just sit somewhere instead, with the camera propped up in front of me, and snap away.

    • StephenBrassawe

      I wish that I could say that this happens less often as time goes by, marissa. But I cannot even say that!

  2. Fiesta Revisited « The Solipsist

    […] know, I failed to obtain any acceptable photographs of the día de los locos parade last Sunday. I neglected to check my camera settings before setting out. My friend Ginette has kindly provided me with copies of a selection of her photos. Those follow […]


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