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June, and still waiting . . .

Do you see that body of water in the left center of the satellite photo? That is the reservoir. It is referred to here generically as the presa, which actually means “dam.” In this particular satellite view it is full of water. It is definitely not full of water right now.

With the necessary coffee cup.

During a good portion of my ride of 5 April with three friends, we were either riding beside the dry lake bed of the reservoir or riding on it. Stable owner Mauricio Magaña, rescuer of horses in distress, film actor, and stuntman, was our host. Mauricio operates 3 Señores stables here.

The exposed strata of rock on the right in the distance is the shoreline of the reservoir when it is full.

There is one puddle that remains. Those are pelicans.

Needless to say, we need a refill. The refill if it comes will come during the rainy season. The rainy season is the reason why this area is classified as semi-arid rather than desert. The only reason. It normally begins sometime in June and lasts through August, perhaps into September. During a rainy rainy season typically the weather remains beautiful through the day. However, around 4:00 p.m. big thunderheads come up over the mountains and soon it is raining buckets. This continues for an hour, maybe two. Then it abruptly clears, and one can watch the sun go down. This like clockwork every day.

As the rainy season progresses, if it progresses, it does not take long for the reservoir to fill. A relatively large watershed feeds it. Moreover and as you can probably tell, this soil is not capable of rapidly soaking up rain. Rather, most of the rain runs off. May is the hottest month of the year here at 6,237 feet above sea level–more or less, depending on where you are standing. One waits for the rainy season in May. It is now June. One still waits. We need this rainy season to be rainy. We need that damned reservoir refilled. (Pun intended.)

Then everyone else will be happy.

And if everyone else is happy, including my favorite caballista . . .

. . . then the old gringos will be happy, too.

Eleanor will be happy no matter what happens.

Ranger Vest courtesy of CC Military Surplus, Central City, Iowa, United States of America.

9 Responses to “June, and still waiting . . .”

  1. Barb

    Hi Steve,
    Rick gave us your link to look at your photos – looks just lovely down there. It was fun jamming with you when you were in Iowa. Hope to see you again sometime! – Barb and Don

    • StephenBrassawe

      Here’s the deal, Stagg. Best time of my life in the best place I have ever been. With the knowledge that all good things come to an end eventually, I am playing it for all it’s worth.

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