in rural Paris, Iowa, and Wordpress


I have a québécois friend who has become simply my friend without qualification. Michel makes photography in the true sense of the word. He has generously helped me to improve the snapshots I use on my blog. Finally, I have persuaded him to put some of his digital photographs in his own blog. I invite you to visit his new blog by clicking here, La amour de la photographie.


Tengo un amigo de Quebec que vive cerca de mí aquí en México. Michel hace de la fotografía en el verdadero sentido. Me ha ayudado generosamente a hacer mis instantáneas mejor. Por último lo he convencido poner algunas de sus fotografías en su proprio blog. Los invito a visitar el nuevo blog de Michel por haciendo clic aquí, La amour de la photographie.

One Response to “Michel”

  1. michelpellerin

    Well… How difficult it is to thank you… properly… How come that two persons, as opposite as we are, can merge ??? I could say the same regarding you : I prefer to have a friend than a former lawyer for Paris, Iowa, as a friend ! Thanks again for the priviledge.


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