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Sport Illustrated Vault: John Fulton

Philadelphia-born John Fulton, the son of Italian-Hungarian parents, has combined the fruition of his dream to be a matador and his work as an artist to live in Spain—a country he loves and where he is accepted as a native.

Read more of the 1968 feature article regarding John Fulton by Tex Maule from the Sports Illustrated Vault.

2 Responses to “Sport Illustrated Vault: John Fulton”

  1. Four Dinners

    Fulton…Italina/Hungarian?Confusion.Fultonini? …well that's the Italina bit out of the way anyroad…;-)Sorry I've been AWOL old bean.I'm back now…which is undoubtedly a worry.Love to the Duchess…4D x

  2. Women Who Kill Bulls « The Solipsist

    […] the entire recorded history of the corrida, John Fulton is the only American matador who did his alternativa in Spain. The other two American matadors, Sidney Franklin, the great friend of Ernest Hemingway and James […]


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