Again at Mineral de Pozos

This one tiny complex amid the vast colonial mining area in the vicinity of Mineral de Pozos appeals to me for an odd reason. I will explain later. This particular complex consists of two building and a mine shaft.

I do not have even a guess as to what was housed here in the lower building.

This is the mine shaft as seen from what remains of the balcony across the front of the higher building.

The higher building strikes me as beautiful in its simplicity.

The higher structure seen from above. It has four chambers. The roofs of all buildings out there were originally made of wood. There is absolutely nothing of those wooden roofs remaining anywhere. Not a scrap. I suspect that all of the wood was used for fuel in hard times by the remaining inhabitants of the area. Because of the climate some remains of the roofs would otherwise have been preserved.

Here is what appeals to me so much about this building. Vestiges of the wall decor remain on the walls in those four rooms. I have not encountered this in any of the other buildings that I have visited out there.

These wall decorations were obviously applied with a stencil.

Odd that the old wall decor should appeal to me so much. Forgive me for the overwhelming number of photos of that.

Fred on an earlier hike hydrating on the balcony of the upper building while enjoying the spectacular view out over the valley.

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