Back Where I Belong at Mineral de Pozos

Occasionally, I have to reduce expenditures and stay in. This is not a problem on the face of it. Then I start to walk over to La Mexicana’s house for coffee and English language CNN on her television. I start to spend too much time reading The New York Times on line. And the like. Pretty soon I am thinking too much about the United States. Then I start to post material such as that last entry. Enough of that. Who cares?

Last evening I checked the pickup’s gas tank. It was full. This morning I took off for one of my favorites, the colonial mining town of Mineral de Pozos about an 45 minutes to the northwest. Mineral de Pozos was founded in 1576 and sits at 7,200 feet. When it was booming, the population reached 70,000. Fifteen years ago it was down to 4,000. It is making a comeback. I will show you the town itself sometime.



But when I need to get my head back where it belongs, I love to hike up higher into the mountains in that vicinity and explore the abandoned mining complexes.



This photo was taken in the hub of those complexes.



When I use the word “complex,” I am referring to little groups of buildings that are situated here and there on the mountain sides and in the valleys. One can only speculate on the uses of these buildings of various sizes and shapes in the mining operation. Sabotaging mining operations was one of the strategies used during the Revolution of 1910-1920. These mines have been shut down for 100 years now.



I invited La Mexicana along. To tell you the truth, I would prefer to do this alone. Not that she is not great company. She is, and she is a strong hiker. The real problem is that this is not suitable country for hiking alone. In Mexico you are on your own as far as safety is concerned everywhere. There are no barriers. No caution signs. Nobody hovering over you to warn you against your own stupidity.

Scattered through this country are abandoned mine shafts that go straight down into the ground. Toss a pebble in one and listen. You get a clammy feeling.



There is a mine shaft in the middle of these four small edifices. This particular one has some barbed wire around it.



Then you will encounter an unprotected one like this.



Or even worse, one like this in the lower right foreground. Very difficult to see unless you are paying attention. I am not trying to be dramatic about this. I am simply telling you that it is a problem.



This is one of my favorite little groups of buildings. I visit this one up on the side of the mountain every time. I will show it to you tomorrow.

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