What’s In Neitzsche for Me?

I have been quite surprised by Neitzsche’s style of writing. In Beyond Good and Evil he relies to a great degree upon aphorisms for the presentation of his ideas. Aphorisms seem such an inadequate vehicle for some of these revolutionary things he had to say.

Many, however, are not so much revolutionary as they are simply interesting and thought-provoking. Chapter IV, Apophthegms and Interludes, consists entirely of aphorisms, most no longer than one line. Consider Number 85:

The same emotions are in man and woman, but in different tempo; on
that account man and woman never cease to misunderstand each other.

Let’s assume the translation is perfect. Let’s also play along with the terms “man” and “woman” even though we know that everyone falls somewhere in the spectrum of gender.

I think Neitzsche is onto something there, and I have been trying to think of the best concrete example that I can.

Take for example the emotions that people feel when faced with a worrisome problem. Men are interested in analyzing the problem only with a view toward being able to get on with solving the problem as soon as possible.

Now this is only my point of view, but. . . .

Women seem more interested first in turning the problem over and over and examining it from every different angle. Some of this appears to men to have nothing at all to do with finding any sort of solution. Women eventually get on with an attempt at a solution, too, but they seem more comfortable if first they have had the time to go through this process of mulling it over.

Men and women are subject to the same emotions in this situation, but those various emotions are at work at different tempos.

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