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“Homage to Catalonia:” Political Alphabet Soup

For students, here the politics is explained.

For you students who have this great book imposed upon you in a syllabus, here is the best help I can give you with regard to Chapters V and XI, which are in some editions included only as Appendices.

It is interesting to note that at the outset Orwell himself was nonplussed by the alphabet soup of the political situation in Spain. At first he was at a loss when confronted with the idea of right wing communism as you probably are. It was only as he became aware that he was every bit as much in danger of being killed by the “Communists” as he was of being killed by Fascists that he became educated.

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Luck in a Flyover State

1 August 2014

As I have informed some of you previously, this is one of the bonfires that I regularly set in aid of navigation for jet airliner pilots 35,000 feet above me flying between Denver International Airport and O’Hare. I provide this service only in clement weather. The rest of the time they are on their own.

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Part I: The Telephone Call

Sufficient time has passed. Sufficient smoke has cleared. Sufficient dust has settled.
The story can be told.

As it happened I took that fateful telephone call from Susan on an early November Wednesday in the midst of helping Wax put new “mud” on the walls of the living room in the old farmhouse. I had come back from Mexico to move my mother from an assisted living facility to a full blown care facility. She had begun to fall repeatedly. I had accomplished that while living in the interim in the farmhouse amid the 200 acres of Iowa farm land where I grew up. I was still sending my monthly rent check to Mexico for my little loft apartment there under the spell of the delusion that I was not punching the tar baby here, slowly but relentlessly becoming stuck although not entirely unhappily so.

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