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Ladies, How to Spot a Jerk Early On: Rule 1

I still think that I was on to something here.

The Solipsist

An enormous number of entries of the What-I-Want-in-My-Man ilk are posted in blogs, most of them by women. These blog entries ebb and flow over time, but it has been high tide recently what with the “Man on Top” naming contest in Salon.

By way of comment on one of the more eloquent of these blogs, I offered the observation that there is a marked disparity between what women say they want and what they truly want. If one disregards what women say and watch what they do, this becomes readily apparent. However, I was by no means implying in that comment that I understand women. Not at all.

Nor do I intend to disparage the subject matter. It is important. Young women are in the grip of Schopenhauer’s Will to Reproduce. (Please do not ask me to define “young.” It is a state of mind as everyone here well…

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Cleaning Lady


San Miguel de Allende. Restaurante El Pegaso. Early morning hours of July 2012.

Solitude in the City


Gallery Around the Plaza, El Jardin
San Miguel de Allende, Early Morning in July 2012

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