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Paris is Never a Mistake

The Madeleine stop, home base.

In 2008 I was suffering from near terminal burnout, which in this case is simply another way of saying that I was feeling deeply sorry for myself. In November I took off for Paris on an impulse and spent a week wandering around the city alone. Shall I now report on experiencing some grand epiphany there or some great new love or a spiritual reawakening of some sort in that cultural center of western civilization? The truth is that I have no idea what the point of it all was at the time or what the point of it all turned out to be. I can state with some confidence, however, that going to Paris is never, ever a mistake, not even in November. One cannot say better than that about anything.

The irony behind the photo is that the m├ętro crews went on strike in the middle of my stay there. Even with my refusal to deal with the cab drivers, my itinerary was not affected at all. I had no itinerary, which I hold is an entirely valid manner of going about that city.


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