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Fight Fire With Fire

Fight Fire With Fire

Fight Fire With Fire

The Resident Artist has been cranking out paintings in anticipation of a couple of shows in September. I take a look at each one as they are added to the inventory. (Photographing them is trickier than one might think.) I am particularly fond of this one. A Catholic girl who grew up in New York City and Connecticut, she incorporates that iconography in some of her pieces in interesting ways, I think. This one is done in acrylics and measures about 21″ by 18″.

By the way, she is adding the accent on the second “o” as we speak.

Around the Bend

Around the Bend

1 August 2014

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More Heavy Weather

22 June 2014

Sometimes I myself feel like a bird on a wire when I look to the west in the summertime here.


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